Our Company

”Aluwind is working towards our clear vision: to become our customer’s preferred global partner within products and solutions for the wind industry. We are striving towards our vision by continuously expanding and improving our scope of services within development, manufacturing and logistical solutions and a global basis. I am convinced that by utilizing our global structure, our strong financial foundation and our employees’ solid experience and competences, we are in a very strong position to put action behind our words and truly maintain and become the preferred solution provider to existing and new customers of Aluwind.

I am also convinced that our way forward shall be based on truly living our core values by continuously look for better solutions, understand the needs of our customers, focus on our employees’ development and well-being, and last - but certainly not least - focus on the target and drive performance to the benefit of customers, employees and shareholders.”

Ole V. Rasmussen - Group CEO Aluwind

Ole V. Rasmussen, CEO, Aluwind