Understand the customer

  • We pay attention to the needs of the customer and the market
  • We are professional and reliable
  • We meet the customer with a flexible and solution-oriented attitude
  • We focus on close relations and understanding of the customer’s situation and needs
  • We reach out and are accommodating
  • We are open-minded and ”yes” is always our starting point


Find better solutions

  • We are innovative and proactive
  • We develop better processes, procedures and solutions
  • We are curious and adaptable
  • We learn from our mistakes and successes
  • We approach our assignments with a creative mindset and the will to improve

Show teamspirit

  • We work as one team and help each other
  • We weight job satisfaction and humor
  • We take responsibility and ownership of our assignments
  • We attach importance to learning and excellence
  • We celebrate our successes


Drive performance

  • We supply correct quality
  • We establish clear targets
  • We create better results
  • We spend time and resources efficiently
  • We want to be competitive and profitable
  • We want to be the best